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clinical trial patient-reported outcomes

With our fully configurable ePRO/eCOA solution, we help assure your team gets the highest quality patient-reported outcomes for your study. The movement from paper-based to ePRO data capture has enhanced the integrity and accuracy of clinical trial data and is encouraged by regulators.

We offer flexible, automated notifications and robust patient-reported outcome tools that give you more accurate and complete data. Here are some reasons why our clients utilize our platform, and solutions.

  • Improved data integrity.
  • Real-time insights.
  • More accurate data collection, at the right time.
  • Better patient compliance.
  • Unified solution that provides patient engagement across our mix of Decentralized Solutions.
  • 24/7 patient concierge service to help improve compliance.

Clinical StudyPal meets all global regulations for collecting clinical trial data including ICH/GCP, 21 CFR, GDPR, and HIPAA.

More about our capabilities – we can utilize home clinical visits (using a network of 1million nurses) and mobile application technology to screen and gain consent from patients using video-conferencing, and allowing nurses to collect data through an app and supply patients with ePROs

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