ePRO Solutions - Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes System

Delve Health ePRO is paper-free patient reported outcomes through a Web and Mobile app

Improvie your data quality and compliance, and increase patient engagement



  • Increased Data Quality
  • Real-time monitoring and alterting
  • Data Accuracy
  • Lower Data Cleaning Costs
  • Integration with EDC
  • Improve Patient Engagement
  • Study Guidelines
  • Over 90% Data Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Web and Mobile Ready
  • Reduce Paper Waste
  • Data Quality Audits

No More Data Quality Issues

All your data connected

Because ePRO reports are sent and reviewed in real time, the potential for lost, missing, and noncompliant data is significantly reduced. At the close of a study, ePRO data is already in the study database, speeding study close-out.
With compliance rates in ePRO trials at 90% to 97%,1-5,11 sponsors have further evidence that ePRO can help control costs. At best, the compliance rate for paper-based trials is around 30%; it's generally lower. With documented high compliance rates and confidence in the accuracy of their data, sponsors of ePRO studies can often collect sufficient data from fewer subjects and investigative sites.

  • Mission - Virtualize patient experience and automate data transmission.
  • Real-time - Data transmission and review.
  • Experience - Gather data from patients and investigators where they are.
  • Team - Clinical data driven staff working together for best results.

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