Delve Health eConsent empowers every clinical trial with interactive and engaging features to help patients make better informed decisions.

Delve Health eConsent Platform

Over 71% of clinical trial participants think that paper consents are long and 62% think they are complex. Delve Health’s eConsent takes away the complexity of long paper consents, and deploys various mechanisms to digitize a clinical trial consent, making it easier, simpler and engaging for every patients.

  • Delve Health eConsent platform allows for multiple configurations based on the clinical trial setup.
  • eConsent can be configured at a global level for the entire study, at global level or site level
  • Allows for different revisions to be configured globally or individual sites
  • Video consent

Patient Portal

Delve Health eConsent platform provides the following functionality

  • Secure messaging for patients to remotely engage with their doctors, asking questions and retrieve answers when offline
  • TeleVisit to power remote, virtual and hybrid trials, allowing patients to meet virtually with their research sites, and discuss the consent
  • Video capable. Nothing is more engaging than explainer video that captures the patient interest, and help answer questions through tutorial and explainer images.

Investigator Portal

Sites can capture a patient consent through online signatures, video consenting and allowing patients to upload a valid form of ID. Where sites can also review this information and sign off on their receipt of the information

Sites can view each patient eConsent progress, and be able to easily reach out to the patient to answer any questions they might have


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