Clinical Trial Solutions That Can Help

Societies across the globe have embraced technology in almost every aspect of daily life. It leaves every industry wondering how to incorporate technology into our fields and asking whether or not it simplifies or complicates our work. For those in the clinical research realm, we want to know how embracing technology will be used to further improve patients’ experience.

Delve Health provides clinical research teams the right tools at a competitive price point—leveraging technology platforms (ePRO/eCOA) to streamline studies. This leads to a more data-driven and efficient approach, allowing the focus to be on each, individual patient—especially given the growth of decentralized trials.

As you research the options and evaluate features, functionality, and benefits of competitive eCOA/ePRO solution, please also consider which technology platform can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Delve Health provides our partners with the following benefits:

  • Dedicated resources – Our organization is focused on customer service and our overall relationships with our partners. We understand how important the work clinical research teams conduct is to our overall lives. We pride ourselves on dedicating the right amount of resources for any project and client.
  • Expedited ePRO/eCOA technology platform deployment timelines – Many of our competitor’s solutions take months to set up and implement. We can partner with your clinical research team to customize, integrate, and implement our solution within a matter of weeks.
  • Transparency in data reporting – Quality and transparency of data reporting are everything. Delve Health’s solutions can provide you with real-time analysis, allowing a clinical research team to take advantage of opportunities, as well as address any issues, as they unfold.
  • Customized integration – Delve Health’s solutions make integration simple and manageable, while simultaneously strengthening a clinical research team’s position in a saturated marketplace.
  • Focus on the improvement of a patient’s experience, resulting in an increase in a patient’s complianceThe patient’s experience is of the utmost importance. Delve Health understands that our technology solutions are merely a tool to engage and maintain a patient’s motivation, in order to more efficiently comply with a clinical trial’s informational needs.

Overall, Delve Health offers customized, all-encompassing solutions to clinical outcomes and patient-reported outcomes data. To learn more about our eCOA/ePRO platforms, please schedule a consultation.


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