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A clinical IT organization focusing on solutions to enhance clinical trial collaboration and
provide data management services

Medical Intelligence Platform 



  • Search Publications and Clinical Trials
  • Link genomic data to publications
  • Drug Market Research
  • Clinical Evaluation Report
  • Data Discoveries using Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Management Plan
  • Link Pubmed to to Google Scholar
  • Document and Organize Research
  • Share Research Output
  • Quickly rank, categorize and comment on publications
  • Data Archival and Storage
  • Quality Publications Faster

Linking Biomedical Data Across 30,000 sources

All your data connected

Identifying ways for faster discoveries and resolving data silos across multiple research segments. Perta is an new platform for Biomedical Research, using Artificial Intellig to quickly learn what users are looking for and providing pertinent results faster. Perta linking clinical to literature to genomic data, while identifying citaitons and allowing users to collaborate and analyze their research much simpler.

  • Mission - Provide quality solutions to accelerate drug discovery and clinical research, ultimately save patient lives.
  • On-time - Rather than spending days or weeks researching, how about hours?
  • Experience - Our data experts have years of technology and science experience linking data across silos to help provide faster results at a fraction of the cost.
  • Team - Data driven staff working together to identify better ways to save patient lives.

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