Literature Review | MedDev Clinical Evaluation Report| Investigator & Site Qualification

Starting a Clinical Trial involves a long rigorous process starting with identifying the idea, searching it, looking for the right Investigator(s), the right Site(s), followed by execution. The string of searches that a single user conducts to identify a specific result is often quite manual, adding to the delays of clinical trial startup and therefore delaying drugs and products to market. Getting drugs and devices to market take too long and as mentioned by Fortune magazine "The U.S. has a drug shortage -- and people are dying". We aim to help with that.

Driving Efficiency for your Clinical Study through Mobile Apps

What is the one thing that is always attached to us? Whether we are on a plane, at a doctor's office or wherever? 

Our cell phone!

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Study Pal

  • Accessibility. Rather than having to read through papers and browse through emails, have it available at your finger tips, anywhere.
  • Boost product branding.
  • Study tips and training material available on the go.
  • Consistency. Ensure everyone has the latest protocol information.
  • Improved communication. Send alerts and updates to the study team and track receipts.
Our end goal is to ensure that we are solving real problems and help our friends/colleagues in the Life Science industry get drugs/medical devices to market faster.

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