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Clinical Trial Collaboration Mobile App

Investigator Collaboration For Better Engagement

Every Clinical Trial should have a mobile app

By Wessam Sonbol

Clinical trials are expensive, long and have so many moving parts
With people working across continents, allowing businesses to operate on a 24/7 basis, anytime, anywhere, on any device. This makes having a great mobile app for collaboration a must.

Protocol Compliance

Do you use a cheat sheet to provide a breakdown of the protocol requirements?

PDFs of the protocol are usually emailed, followed by a paper copy of the protocol along with a laminated cheat sheet. When a new revision of the protocol is updated, the team has to follow the same process of emailing all their sites a PDF copy of the protocol, followed by an updated paper copy and/or a cheat sheet.

Clinical Trial Visits and Procedures
A mobile app would streamline this process, by allowing the sponsors to login through a website to update the Protocol information (i.e. Inclusion/Exclusion/Training Material) and enabling the Investigators and research team to view only the most recent protocol inclusion/exclusion and visit requirements through a visit flow chart.


How do Patients and Investigators access study educational material?

Consider the following scenario: a patient visits the doctor's office for a specific condition and the doctor provides the patient with a brochure about a clinical trial of interest. The patient takes the brochure, places it somewhere and forgets about the clinical trial. Now the patient does not have a way to get access to that clinical trial without searching the internet or calling the doctor's office.

A mobile app provides many great features:

  • Ease of access, allowing the patient or doctor to get quick access to the latest education material
  • Material On The Go, no matter where you are - you can simply open up the study app and get the information you need
  • Reduced Paper Usage, saving time and money
  • Interactive features to further engage the audience

In a randomizaed controlled clinical trial conducted to stabilize daily funcitonal activity of Breast Cancer patients, a mobile app was used for better collaboration. The results in using a collaborative mobile app showed participants providing more frequent adverse events than those under supervision.

Investigator Support

Frustration with inefficient processes that create redundant activities and complicate trial execution are at every site. Can an app that provides more sponsor/investigator transparency and increase efficiency help?

Investigators are always on the go, and need tools to quickly access study material to increase their efficiency and enroll patients faster. A mobile app can help reduce site manual interventions and help sell their services.

Try StudyPal

StudyPal provides an echo system across sponsors and investigators to increase clinical trial efficiency through collaboration. Here is what StudyPal can offer:

  • Quick access to Inclusion/Exclusion material
  • Randomize patients form your mobile phone
  • Access to study training material
  • Messaging between Sponsors, Sites and supporting staff
  • Visit calculator to quickly identify the followup for patient visits
  • Integration with EDC/CTMS/eTMF
  • Study Newsletters
  • Reduce lost emails and the need to copy and paste into your eTMF
  • A Flow chart for study procedure and visit requirements
  • Adverse Events
  • Study phone numbers. A click of a button to call study support team
  • Multi-language support
  • Task and delegation log support
  • Capture training signature

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StudyPal is a cloud-based mobile app, allowing users to easily configure all protocol content online and have it easily accessible through the app. Click here.

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